Giving a shape to feelings

Making music for the eyes

Beauty IS a function

Keith Anthony Mellard. B.A. (Hons), H.N.D. (Fine Art), H.N.C. (Fine Art)

Born:- Sheffield.

Sheffield City Grammar School.
Thornes House Grammar School, Wakefield.

Further education:-
No.1 School of Technical Training, R.A.F Halton.
Doncaster Technical College.
University of York.
Aberdeen College.

O.N.C. Mech. and Elec. engineering.(1960)
B.A. (Hons).(1990)
H.N.C. fine art, 2001.
H.N.D. fine art, 2003.

Trade work:-
Tool Room Fitter.
Design Draughtsman.
Furniture maker and woodcarver.
Art and sculpture studies and practice continue.

Aberdeen for 26 years.

Bahà’ì Faith, I try to walk the spiritual path with practical feet.

Far too many to mention.

Which Stones?
Alabaster, Marble, Hoptonwood stone, Caithness stone, Moray and Yorkshire sandstone.

Other media
Light welded steel.
Lost wax bronze casting

Why Sculpture?
To try to say some things I think need saying.
To solve any problems a piece stone offers.
For the sheer pleasure of cutting and shaping the stuff.
It’s material music with a very profound rhythm, it satisfies.
Sometimes the stone tells me what to do, sometimes my idea becomes the stone.
The best times are when the stone informs the idea and all is rhythm and material music.

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